At the forefront of New York City’s musical resurrection is Harlem rapper BWLR also known as Rugz D.Bewler. The former Roc-A-Fella intern turned prominent emcee emerged on the music scene in 2010 as part of the independent music collective DD172/BluRoc Records, where he penned the popular underground hit “Super Bad.” The song’s success catapulted BWLR as a talent fans and music insiders alike had to pay close attention to. With a heightened profile from the success of “Super Bad”, BWLR released his first mixtape, Bewler’s Day Off. BWLR followed up with the releases of Save Bewler: The Memoirs of Muhammad Mc’Fly, All I Need Is 20: The Lover’s Rock Edition, By Any Means Necessary, and Bene. Alll projects consisting of original music distributed for free download.
After releasing Bene, BWLR took a three year hiatus, using this time to perfect his craft and grow personally, while focusing on his role as a father and a man in an ever-changing world. With the release of Beautiful Loser audiences are provided insight into BWLR’s experiences for the past three years, real and imagined. He seamlessly blends his background in film with his
musical aptitude to give you a musical score to the storyline that is The Beautiful Loser. 
BWLR has accepted the call to be on the frontline for his city, and is in this for the long-hall. He’s no leader but has been called to lead,  He’s no god but has been called to show the divinity within himself and others, He’s no greater but continues to build greatness in his music and through his interactions. With this score, BWLR’s encompasses  “The Beautiful Loser.”