$x, $nd$ + $mk


Harlem has endured some major name changes over the years. In 1974 7th Ave in Harlem was named Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard. Eighth Avenue in Harlem was named Frederick Douglass Boulevard in 1977. Lenox was named Malcolm X Boulevard in 1987. And in 2017, Rugz D. Bewler decided to transition to BWLR. Just as sure as Harlem didn’t stop being Harlem when avenues became boulevards, this change doesn’t signal the end. You’ll still be getting the same fly, unique, Harlem perspective you’ve been getting since Bewler’s Day Off and soon. But before we present to you the fruits that have been birthed under this new BWLR moniker, we wanted to compile all of the older work in one place for you to enjoy. So let this serve as:

A thank you for those who’ve been down since beginning. 
A refresher for those who were only vaguely familiar. 
An introduction for those who are just joining.

Welcome to #SXSNDSSMK